Get paid on YouTube

Get Paid on YouTube

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Hello, friends in this post we will talk about how to get paid on YouTube. Nowadays everyone wants to make money online and YouTube is the best platform to make money online.

Let’s see How to get paid on YouTube? Most important how it’s work. Means how to make money on YouTube?

Here’s, you need a YouTube channel. So, how to create a channel on YouTube check the detailed article here.

And, if you already have a YouTube channel you just need the content on the YouTube channel. So, what’s the content? Let’s short description of the content. Content is the information that is included in the YouTube videos. Make sure your video content is matched with your YouTube channel name or niche.

So, if you have any type of channels like gaming, travel, cooking, learning, review it could be any type. And your content similar to the YouTube channel name.

Checkout here 8 Best YouTube Channel Ideas here.

Next, you need to upload content videos on your YouTube channel consistently. Daily 2-3 videos which helps to get you rank on YouTube and helps to get more subscribers and views.

After getting many views and subscribers on your channel. Your channel will monetize it by reaching 1000 subscribers and the watch time of 4000 hours within 12 months, then your YouTube channel gets monetized.

Then, after monetizing your channel you can start earning by just going to YouTube Studio you can find the monetization tag in the left menu bar.

Then, after clicking on monetization you can find your total number of views and watch time hours. After getting 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time hours you will see Apply Now button. After applying your videos will turn into money. Yes, you read it right. Now, when someone plays your videos they will see the ad first before your video start.

Now you will get paid on YouTube, but it’s very hard to get subscribers and watch time, it will get the time and your passion about making money on YouTube.

Here Are Some Helpful things to get fast for YouTube Success.

If you want to get fast subscriber or your videos views. There are two ways to get.

  • Work Hard
  • Work Smarter

In the hard work, you need to work consistently. Daily upload 2-3 videos or max and you need to focus on quality content lots of YouTube’s start their YouTube channel then make videos and upload them on their channel. But they didn’t get a good response they didn’t get any subscriber and video views.

In the work hard section you need to be professional and consistent to your work.

And in the work smarter section I want to tell you something about my friend. One of my friends working on their YouTube channel and trying to make money from YouTube. He started with the YouTube channel and upload the videos every day consistently and I don’t believe that he gained hundreds of subscribers in a month.

Then I ask him how he is doing this? he told me that when he started their YouTube channel he consistently upload videos every day after some days he got 1000 views on one video on his channel. Now he used a smarter work strategy, he put that video on Google ads. He was driving traffic on their videos by google ads.

And, can you believe that how much he paid on google ads? Just $ 0.003 per video view and that one smart work, he got thousands of subscribers and video views. On the internet, there are lots of strategies to gain subscribers and video views.

There are lots of courses to understand YouTube growth and get fast video views. I recommended one of the most # 1 YouTube earning systems. (Special discount for today)

earn from YouTube

In this course you can start with only $ 1 then after joining their Premium membership, there are millions of videos available to pick for you free and upload on your YouTube channel and start earning. So, friends start your smarter work now.

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