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Hello, there are so many best-earning apps on google play store. And in this post we will know about Google Opinion Rewards, it is one of the most unique and best money making apps. It does not reward you with any amount of cash or money but offers you Google Play credits.

You are allowed to redeem those credits for Google music, magazines, movies, books, and Android movies. To earn those credits, you need to complete some simple surveys by providing your opinion regarding any product to Google.

And Google then forwards those opinions to the company seeking consumer’s reactions, opinions, and experiences. Google Opinion Rewards provides you with different weekly surveys and rewards based on the surveys.   


First of all, you have to download the app of Google Opinion Rewards from Google Play Store, whose logo looks like this.

Google opinion rewards app

After downloading the app, you have to log in, for which the postal code of your area will be asked, you have to enter your postal code correctly. After this, your age will be asked. Then you will have some screen in front of which a new survey will appear. Which you can also see in the notification bar of the phone.

Now how do you work on the survey next? You will understand everything by seeing these screenshots.

Notification icon
New survey available
When you click on survey available
Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Survey complete.

You’ll have to be 18 and over and live in one of the 26 countries where the rewards program is currently available to be able to receive surveys. Once you sign in, you’ll get a notification whenever a new survey is available; all you need to do is answer the questions and the money will be credited into your Play Store account in a few days.

The only caveat here is that you’ll have to finish a survey within 24 hours of getting the notification. The final payout will be based on the number of questions and their complexity, and the answers you furnish are anonymized and not linked to any personally identifiable information. Usually, surveys take anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute.

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